About Cyndee Fuller

Cyndee studied marine biology at University of California, Santa Barbara on a full scholarship. It was here she had developed her passion as an artist. She started to create abstract art and other styles that were shown on TV programs throughout Nevada for years. The main objective was to paint. It was one of those things where you wake up and if you're not painting, you weren't doing what you were supposed to. The art is a place to escape and wander into and not be bothered with the rest of the world. Cyndee enjoys creating paintings you can get lost in and be drawn to. Her artwork is for those of you who love abstract art designs, and the softer oceans.

As a philanthropist, she has received the Platinum Award for her contributions of artwork to the New Horizons Charity Auction, the National Senatorial Award and the National Humane Certificate of Merit for her donations. The Academy of Fine Art Foundation located in Laguna Beach, California, selected pieces of her work to be exhibited and auctioned at their annual awards event. Her work hangs in Universities throughout the Northwest to help promote cultural awareness at the college level.

Cyndee's work is collected and commissioned by International Heads of State, dignitaries, corporate executives, and international celebrities throughout Europe, China, Japan, Canada, Australia, England and Ireland. Her work has been reviewed and published in the New York Times and the Las Vegas Magazine. She was awarded several "Best of Show" honors, including the "Stars of the New York Art Expo 2002" exhibit. Her work has been chosen by well-known designers as decor in high-end model homes and is used on the sets of television variety shows. She was selected as the initial artist for a program sponsored by the Lt. Governor of the State of Nevada promoting the "arts". She has also been interviewed and her work displayed on syndicated television shows.

Bossung Studios' Mission Statement

"The Life of Art is the Art of Life. We should pursue with abandon those elements of life that fulfill our need for beauty and truth."