Stunning Abstract Art & Subtle Scenery

Artist Cyndee Bossung of Bossung Studio displays and sells her abstract landscape paintings and other profound imagery around the globe. Her work is displayed in many venues and is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. She invites you to share in her passion by purchasing her work to display whenever you need to escape from reality.

Celebrated Artwork for Various Venues

As a celebrated artist, Cyndee Bossung's work has been displayed in several prominent venues throughout the country. Her work was shown at the Art 2000 exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the 2003 New York Art Expo, as well as in numerous other art shows and galleries throughout the United States. During the spring and summer of 2003, Cyndee's pieces were displayed in many Signature Homes'™ models, a Hidden Canyon development, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her work was also reviewed weekly on the "Dennis Bono Variety Show" on ABC™ Channel 13 in Las Vegas and other syndicated cities.

Memorable Charitable Work

As a philanthropist, Cyndee received the Platinum Award for her contributions of artwork to the New Horizons Charity Auction in 2001. Some of her work has been sold and auctioned to help the Providence Hospital. Cyndee also attended the "Art to Benefit Humanity" event in Newport Beach, California—sponsored by the Academy of Fine Art Foundation, in 2003—where two of her limited-edition giclée reproductions, "Nocturnal Duet" and "The Perfect Moment," were exhibited and auctioned with great success. Proceeds from the auction were donated to charity.

The Power of Bossung Studios' Artwork

Cyndee's art has been well reviewed and she has received international recognition as an accomplished artist. Her work has been chosen by well-known designers to adorn the walls in high-end model homes and is used on the sets of television shows. She's been interviewed for numerous television programs and featured in The New York Times. Cyndee also was selected as the initial artist for a program sponsored by the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Nevada promoting the arts and music in the state. 

Water Wheel in Forest